Geoatlas of Greece is an app that can give you directions and information for geotourism sites near you. It is a self-contained application (no Internet or cellular access required) that contains a vast amount of information and photos for the geological heritage of Greece.

Using your phone’s camera, you can see photos and information floating on the screen in the direction of the geotourism sight.

With a large inventory of geotourism sites that you can browse or search for information Geoatlas operates in English and Greek.

Available views in app:

  • Geoatlas database. A database with the thematic categories of the geotourism sites – volcanoes, geo-archaeology, paleontology, caves and many more!
  • Map view. All the sites are shown in the map where you can zoom in. Standard, Satellite, Hybrid views are available.
  • Augmented reality view, with sites float on your phone’s screen
  • Geolibrary. A mob library with the information for the top geosites in Greece.
  • Geotimescale. A scale that gives you the opportunity to understand the millions of years of Earth’s evolution.
  • Browse geotourism sites
  • Search for geotourism sites

Geoatlas functions also as an interactive platform.

You can have a direct intervention by simply mapping your own geotourism sites and sharing them. A scientific staff will analyze the location and the information in order to evaluate it and include it to the Geoatlas database.

This release contains a geo-database of 10 categories of geotourism sites:

  • Geoarchaeology
  • Geomorphology (landforms, Karst, waterfalls, beaches, gorges)
  • Geotechnical activity (Quarries, Mines, Projects)
  • Dynamic geology (Faults)
  • Volcanic activity
  • Museums (Mineralogy, Paleontology, Natural History)
  • Mineralogy-Rocks
  • Paleontology
  • Caves
  • Water systems  (Lakes, Rivers, Sources)